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Amazon Web Services

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Featured Sales Interview

Associate Account Executive

SDR | Engaged Accounts | Arlington

  • 08/2019 Interview Date
  • Received Offer
  • 3 Total Interviews
  • Hard Interview Difficulty
  • 4-6 Weeks Interview Process
  • Recruiter Interview Origin
Interview Process
Phone Screen, Phone Call with Manager, Full loop with 7 interviews in Seattle
Interview Questions
Why would you consider leaving ____? Why for AWS? Tell me about your role and how you did performance? How do you manage your time? Tell me about a time you failed and what did you do? Tell me about a time you had to change a customers mind? Tell me about a time a customer was hard to work with? What training do you do? How long did you prepare?
Recommendation to Prepare
Get Certified cloud prac and Know LPs

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