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Amazon Web Services

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Featured Sales Review

Lead Development Representative

SDR | Mid-Market Accounts | Arlington, VA | L4

  • Growth Trajectory
  • Average Sales Rep Turnover
  • Strong Upward Mobility
  • 8/10 Quota Fairness
  • 8/10 Work-Life Balance
  • Would Recommend this .Job
Top notch product. AWS is cloud computing leader by far, with Azure and GCP a distant 2 and 3. Top notch pay (100k+/yr FOR AN SDR ROLE). You get recognized for bringing in deals.
You are graded on how much a potential client's workload will cost within the Cloud but you have no influence on how much that will be. This makes it difficult to hit quota because of little control and tons of prospecting to make sure you cover your quota. Work-life balance can be poor. AWS is growing fast so best practices and rules change almost every day.
Describe the Culture
Start-upish culture. You can get worked pretty hard depending on manager. You'll get top level management praise for bringing in legit deals.
Advice for New Reps
Prepare to make more dials than you want. You can't control $ value of your deals you bring in so be careful. AWS culture can be cutthroat, don't take it personally.

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