Frequently Asked Questions

Basic FAQ

What is CompGauge?

CompGauge provides detailed compensation data, company reviews, and interview insights for Tech Sales careers. We have data for Series A startups to the biggest Tech Companies (FAANG).

How can I contribute to making Sales Compensation more transparent?

Please take a minute to add your comp.

Are my submissions anonymous?

Yes! We do not ask for any Personally Identifying Information (PII). We do NOT ask for your name, work e-mail, birth date, address, etc.

How do I get access to the Company Reviews & Interviews data?

Add your review to get access to reviews; add your interview to get access to interviews. CompGauge manually reviews every submission to ensure quality data and prevent spam. Please allow 72 hours for us to review your submission. We will e-mail you the link and password to the data to the e-mail you submitted after we review your submission.

What type of data do you provide?

We provide only Tech Sales Data. This includes SaaS, software, software licenses, tech hardware, channel & partner tech sales, servers, networking, (X)aaS etc. Anything related to Tech!

Is it free to view the compensation data?

Yes. We would appreciate if you could take a minute to add your comp to help make sales compensation more transparent.

What is OTE, SDR, ISR, FSR, Field Sales, Inside Sales, etc.?

OTE = Your On-Target Earnings. For example, if your base salary is $100,000 and if you hit your quota you would earn $100,000 in commission, your OTE would be 100,000+100,000 = $200,000. SDR = Sales Development Representative (appointment setters for the closing team). ISR = Inside Sales Rep – you do not travel to customers. FSR = Field Sales Rep, this is the traveling salesperson on the team.

What is AirTable?

Airtable is a very powerful, user-friendly spreadsheet that makes it easy to organize data to draw actionable insights. You can filter, sort, group, hide, and search the data. Try Airtable out with sample data.

What do you do to ensure data accuracy?

Every entry submitted to CompGauge goes through a rigorous verification process. Each entry is reviewed manually by a member of our team. In addition to manual verification, we run our data through an AI Engine and Data Validation tool to normalize our data and remove anomalies and outliers. CompGauge also collects W2’s and Offer Letters to add, verify, and anchor our data.

How Often is the Data Updated?

It takes 24-72 hours for us to review each entry. We typically upload new batches of entries each week.

Which companies do you provide data for?

See the full list here.

Do you offer options for employers?

Yes – contact us at to learn about our options for employers.

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